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Puppy With Toy

How to Keep Your Pup Busy Indoors

Puppy With ToyLife with pets is so much more fun, and at Sunset Plaza, we want to make sure that Fido loves living in our community just as much as you do. Whether you guys are stuck inside due to work or you can’t bear heading out in the heat, it’s important that your dog has plenty to keep them occupied. Check out our favorite ways to make sure your pup is getting plenty of mental and physical exercise when you can’t take them outside for a distraction.

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors

1. Use Interactive Toys

There are millions of different types of dog toys available on the market today but some of the best use clever tricks to keep your pup occupied. Keep your dog busy for hours on end by using a stuffed, chewable dog toy that will make them work to get their favorite treats.

2. Name Their Toys

Did you know that some dogs can learn up to 800 different words? Keep your dog’s gears moving and give them something new to learn by teaching them names for each of their toys. It may take some practice but once they’ve got them all down, knowing all of their names will be useful in many ways.

3. Find Hidden Toys

Once they know the name for all of their toys, you can teach them to find specific ones. Hide them around the apartment and play your very own version of hide-and-seek. It’s guaranteed hours of fun!

4. Make Them Work at Meal Time

Keeping a schedule is important for dogs but meal times can get boring with the same old food dish routine. Try using a boredom buster by investing in a food dispensing toy that will put their brainpower to the test.

5. Make Chores Fun

Make chore time go by more quickly by teaching Fido to help out. They can learn to bring you items from certain rooms, open doors and even help to put their toys away too.

Enjoy Living in Our Pet-Friendly Apartments

For more great information about our pet-friendly community or to take a look at the available floor plans at our West Covina apartments, visit our office at Sunset Plaza today.

Sunset Plaza Fitness Center

Try These Treadmill Exercises in Our Fitness Center

Sunset Plaza Fitness CenterWhen you choose to live at Sunset Plaza Apartment Homes, you don’t have to travel all the way to a gym to get in a good workout on the treadmill. Residents of our West Covina apartments can stop by our fitness center, hop on the treadmill and get in a full workout all without having to travel far from home.

If you are unsure about what you can do on the treadmill, we have some exercise recommendations for you. These easy treadmill exercises will get your heart rate up and help you improve your health.

Sideways Shuffles and Sideways Squatting Shuffles

Performing side shuffles on a treadmill is a great way to work your outer and inner thighs while getting in a good cardio workout.

To perform sideways shuffles do the following:

  • Slow down the speed on the treadmill
  • Turn sideways and keep your knees slightly bent
  • Shuffle side to side along the treadmill
  • Turn the speed of the treadmill up to get in a cardio workout

If you want a real challenge, you can do squatting side shuffles. To do squatting side shuffles, you do the same thing as regular side shuffles, but instead of standing straight, you bend your knees so you are in a quart-squat position.

The Reverse Mountain Climber

Mountain climbers are great exercises to do on a treadmill. Not only are they challenging, but they work your entire body from head to toe.

To perform a reverse mountain climber while on a treadmill, do the following:

  • Turn the treadmill down to a very low speed such as 1 or 2 mph
  • Walk to the end of the treadmill and face away from it
  • Crouch down and put your hands on the floor and your feet on the treadmill
  • Bring one knee into the chest while fully extending the other leg
  • Continue to switch legs

Come see our fully-equipped fitness center for yourself by scheduling a tour. Our friendly office staff will gladly show you our fitness center, as well as our amazing studios, one-, two- and three-bedroom floor plans. Call us today to schedule a private tour of our apartments in West Covina, California.

Thanksgiving Turkey

Tips for Staying Tidy During Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving TurkeyEveryone loves Thanksgiving dinner … that is until it comes time to clean up the kitchen. At this point, hosting Thanksgiving dinner may start to seem just a little bit overwhelming. To make your Thanksgiving celebrations this year more enjoyable and ensure that you spend less time on clean-up duty after the festivities are over, follow these three tips.

Clean Beforehand

Cleaning up after Thanksgiving dinner is much less laborious if you don’t have messes piled on top of messes. Start with a clean slate by thoroughly cleaning your kitchen before you cook Thanksgiving dinner. This way, you’ll have much less to do after everyone goes home and all you want to do is take a nap.

Use Multi-Use Cookware

By using cookware that can go from the oven to the table to the freezer, you can drastically cut down on the number of dishes that you have to clean. You may also want to serve your food in edible containers such as hollowed-out winter squash or bread bowls. There won’t be any dishes to do if you make the dishes a tasty part of the meal!

Plan a Potluck

Let your guests get in on the fun by making this Thanksgiving dinner a potluck affair. Not only will this cut down on the amount of cooking that you have to do, it will also cut down on the number of dishes you have to clean. Furthermore, guests will take their dirty dishes home with them when they leave. As an added bonus, planning a potluck helps ensure that you will have a wide variety of food available, and everyone will feel the satisfaction of knowing they helped make Thanksgiving dinner a success.

By following these tips, you should be able to make cleaning up after a great Thanksgiving dinner a breeze. Of course, much of making Thanksgiving dinner a fun, enjoyable time has to do with where it is hosted. This Thanksgiving, we invite you to make Sunset Plaza your new home. If you would like to learn more about our West Covina apartments, we invite you to contact our office today.

Berry Smoothie

Our Favorite Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Fall

Berry SmoothieAs the amazing fall weather begins, you’re enjoying the convenience of living in our West Covina apartments in the center of this great city. Since there’s so much to do around town this time of year, you might want to streamline your morning routine as much as possible. Smoothies are a great and highly nourishing morning meal, but they can get a bit complicated. If you want to keep it smooth and easy this fall, try these amazing smoothie recipes.

Pumpkin Spice Smoothie in Your West Covina Apartment

The first smoothie recipe to try in your West Covina apartment this fall focuses on one of fall’s favorite flavors: pumpkin spice.

  • 1/2 cup of canned pumpkin
  • 1/2 of a frozen banana
  • 3/4 cup of almond milk
  • 1/2 scoop of vanilla flavor protein powder
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
  • Pinch of ground ginger

Blend all ingredients together with several ice cubes. Dust the top of the smoothie with pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, or a combo of both for a bit of extra style and taste. This smoothie can be on the thick side so you might want to go with a wide straw when enjoying it.

A Blueberry Royale Smoothie Can Make Your Fall Bright

For residents of our West Covina apartments, delicious and juicy blueberries are still available in the fall, and the blueberry royale smoothie takes full advantage of that. For this smoothie, you’ll need:

  • Blueberries
  • Acai
  • Shredded coconut
  • 1 serving of protein powder
  • 2 ounces of almond milk (other types of milk such as cashew milk or soy milk can be used if desired)
  • 1 ounce of almond butter (or other nut butter)

Blend all ingredients together in the blender, along with several cubes of ice. You’ll have a fantastically fruity and sweet start to your morning!

Sunset Plaza offers studios, one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments in a beautiful and convenient location. Our community has controlled access entry, a fully-equipped fitness center, two swimming pools, and many other amazing amenities. In our apartments, you’ll find amenities such as large private patios and balconies, new appliances and wood-inspired flooring. Call us today to arrange a personal tour of our apartment homes!

Variety of Ice Cream Flavors

Tasty Ice Cream Shops Near West Covina

Variety of Ice Cream FlavorsIce cream is one of those sweet treats that most people never grow out of. If you live in Southern California, you’re in luck — you’re in close proximity to an abundant amount of retailers selling a wide variety of cool sweet treats. Following are just five of the many options for ice cream available to residents of apartments in West Covina.

Gelatissimo West Covina

Whether you’re a true connoisseur or just know good ice cream when you taste it, Gelatissimo is the place to go when the occasion or the mood calls for top-tier quality. Try the toasted almond for a truly amazing flavor experience.

La Michoacana

La Michoacana is the place to indulge your taste for divinely fruity poletas featuring pieces of real fruit in authentic Mexican-style ice cream — you could have a different flavor every day for weeks. Try the mango flavor for a truly tropical taste.

Afters Ice Cream

Afters Ice Cream is where you go when you want a small batch of handcrafted ice cream in unique flavors. Try the banana walnut fudge when you’re in the mood for something rich and sweet, or go for the jasmine milk tea flavor when you want something a bit more light and subtle. Afters Ice Cream is the home of the world renowned Milky Bun, which is a warm donut filled with your choice of ice cream and drizzled with your choice of toppings.

Chelo Creamery

Once you try the creamy, dense flavors of Chelo Creamery’s authentic gelato, you may never go back to traditional American ice cream again. They make their small batch, artisan gelato daily here, featuring such decadent delights as specialty waffles topped with your choice of gelato. Don’t fail to try their gelataroons, which are made of classic French macaroons baked in-house and filled with your favorite gelato.

Zero Degrees

Zero Degrees offers a variety of ice cream flavors as well as specialty drinks such as non-alcoholic mojitos and smoothies in flavors such as guava, mango, and watermelon. For something deliciously different, try the matcha smoothie with cinnamon milk.

Please accept our open invitation to contact us via phone or stop by our office for more information on our available floor plans in beautiful West Covina.

Gourds and Pumpkins

3 Creative Fall Centerpiece Ideas

Gourds and PumpkinsFall is a time when many people have feasts and get-togethers with friends and family. Having a properly decorated table during the fall harvest season can help bring joy to your table and beauty to your home. These three fun centerpiece ideas are easy to assemble and look beautiful.

Pumpkin Fun

Buy a variety of small pumpkins and gourds for your dining room table. You can either leave the pumpkins in their original color or paint the pumpkins and gourds in a variety of tasteful neutral colors, like cream, beige and gold. Assemble gourds and pumpkins in the middle of your table, then weave a battery-powered string of lights (found at craft stores) through the collection. You can leave the pumpkins loose on your table or put them in a basket, whichever works for you. Turn on the string of lights every evening when you eat.

Candles and Corn

Buy three large cylindrical glass candle holders and a cream colored candle for each holder. Feel free to use artificial candles instead of real candles because they’re safer and easier to clean up. Pour unpopped popcorn into each candle holder so that it fills the candle holder approximately 1/3 of the way, then place each candle into the unpopped popcorn. Tie a piece of raffia or twine around each candle holder as the finishing touch, then assemble the candle holders in the center of your table.

Plentiful Harvest

Assemble a collection of mini pumpkins, gourds, artificial grapes and other artificial fruits in the center of your table. Place the harvest foods in a basket, or leave them loose on the table. Weave battery powered string lights through the harvest foods. You can replace the artificial fruits with real fruits when Thanksgiving comes around, then encourage your guests to eat directly from your centerpiece during the meal!

Stop in for More Ideas at Sunset Plaza

At Sunset Plaza, you can get creative with these festive fall centerpiece ideas! Our residents love decorating for the harvest season. Give our office a call to learn more about our West Covina apartments and to see our various floor plans!

Shoes to be Organized

5 Steps for Decluttering Your Home

Shoes to be OrganizedIt seems to happen to everyone and every home. Clutter accumulates faster than it should. But rather than being overwhelmed or discouraged by clutter, take action by getting organized with a simple strategy. With that in mind, here are five steps you can follow to declutter your home.

Set Aside Time

You don’t need a huge amount of time to declutter, but you do need some time. Even decluttering in chunks of 5 or 20 minutes can make a difference. Just decide that you’re going to put the task into your schedule, and commit to doing it.

Tackle One Space at a Time

Rather than trying to declutter your entire space at one time, which can be overwhelming, decide which area to work on first. This could be a closet or drawer. Our apartments in West Covina have efficient floor plans that are simple to keep organized.

Handle Items One at a Time

Begin the process of decluttering. Set up several boxes or bins, with one being for recycling, one for trash and one for giving away. Pick up one item at a time, and decide whether you will keep it or not. If you don’t need, use or love it, the best thing is probably to declutter it. Decide whether you will discard, recycle or donate it. Place it into the appropriate box or bin.

Remove Items

Once your decluttered items are in their bins, remove them from your home by taking the items to the trash, recycling or donation site.

Make Decluttering a Habit

Now that you’ve made some headway with getting your space decluttered, keep going. Make decluttering part of your lifestyle because it is an ongoing process as declutter continues to accumulate again over time. If you commit to keeping your home decluttered on a regular basis, your surroundings will stay clutter-free over the long haul.

Reducing clutter creates more peace in your life and makes it possible to keep your environment pleasant and efficient. Start implementing these tips in your home today, and see how organized it can be tomorrow. If you are looking for West Covina apartments where you can create an organized, clutter-free home, call our office today to see which floor plans are still available.

Tacos With Rice and Beans

Top-Rated Taco Shops Near West Covina

Tacos With Rice and BeansIf you are a taco fanatic, you’ll love living in West Covina, California. West Covina has some excellent tacos in the west. Here are some taco joints that offer the tastiest Mexican staples around town.

Fonda Don Chon

This authentic Mexican restaurant is family-owned by Jimmy Roman and his father-in-law Jose Asuncion Hernandez. It has won numerous awards including the San Gabriel Valley Readers Choice Award for Best Mexican Cuisine in 2016. The dishes are based on traditional fare from the Jalisco region of Mexico. The ingredients are carefully selected and cooked to perfection. This is probably why customers come from as far as Moreno Valley and Hesperia to try the tasty food. If you have a big appetite, then try the Schwarzenegger Taco Plate. It includes three crispy tacos stuffed with shrimp, tomatoes, cilantro and jack cheese. Just be prepared to wait. There are usually lines out of the door, especially on the weekends. The wait is so worth it though.

Tacos Omanas

Tacos Omanas has the best tacos in the West Covina area hands-down. For more than 40 years, they have perfected the art of creating excellent Mexican dishes. They use only fresh ingredients and a secret family recipe to make tacos and burritos that are a hit with people young and old. Because they are a family-owned restaurant, the atmosphere is friendly and laid-back. This a place that is great to visit with a group of family and friends.

Rambos Tacos

This casual taco joint has some of the best tacos around. Although this place looks the same as all of the other taquerias scattered around West Covina, the tacos are exceptionally close to what you will find in Mexico City. The meat is salty and juicy and the ingredients are fresh. Even if you visit right before closing, you will get tasty, fresh tacos.

Are you looking for apartments in West Covina? If so, take a look at Sunset Plaza Apartment Homes. Sunset Plaza is just minutes away from several major universities, including Cal-Poly. They also offer easy access to the Los Angeles area via I-10 and the I-605. Contact us today to learn more about our community!

Bacon Bites

4 Easy Appetizers to Serve at Your Next Party

Bacon BitesThinking about throwing a dinner party for friends in your apartment but aren’t quite sure of what to serve for appetizers? If you’re like most people, you want something that requires a minimum of preparation yet tastes great and appeals to a wide variety of people. Here are just four of the many quick and easy appetizers that residents of apartments in West Covina can use to get their dinner parties off to an excellent start.

Fruit and Cheese Stick

You can create a fast and easy appetizer in a pinch by sliding a slice of fruit onto a toothpick and following it with a slice of cheese. Although this pairs best with summertime fare, it can work in winter as well if you choose rich cheeses such as Farmhouse Cheddar and fruit with a big flavor palate such as apples or plums. Apricots with your favorite white cheese make an excellent appetizer for summer meals.

Cucumber Feta Toasts 

Another quick and easy appetizer featuring fresh summer flavors is cucumber feta toasts. Simply top Melba toast pieces with a slice of cucumber and a slice of feta cheese. Sprinkle coarsely ground salt and pepper over them just prior to serving and lightly drizzle with lemon juice as a finishing touch. This is ideal for serving with a light summer dinner of grilled white fish or roast chicken.

Lox and Bagel Bites

Everyone loves lox and bagels, so recreate the magic by placing a slice of lox on top of miniature, bit-sized bagels and serving them as appetizers. This makes an excellent starter for any meal, but it’s a particularly fitting first course for festive holiday dinners.

Barbecue Chicken and Bacon Bites

Cut chicken into bite-sized pieces and toss with your favorite powdered steak seasoning. Wrap a piece of bacon around each chicken cube and secure it with a toothpick. Whisk a tiny amount of horseradish into your favorite bottled barbecue sauce and apply a small amount to each piece of chicken and bacon using a pastry brush. Bake in the oven at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes. You can serve these hot or cold.

Please feel free to contact our office at your convenience to learn more about our apartments in beautiful West Covina.

Sunset Plaza Living Room

How to Remove a Carpet Stain

Sunset Plaza Living RoomAll it takes is one spilled glass of juice or a dropped pen to create an unsightly carpet stain. Instead of having to constantly look at that carpet stain, try to remove it. Successfully remove carpet stains in our apartments in West Covina by using the following tips.

Blot, Don’t Rub

Immediately after spilling something on the carpet, your first instinct is to grab a towel or rag, run it under water, and rub it away. It is important that you fight that instinct because what you are about to do is set the stain into the carpet instead of removing it.

When you spill something on the floor, make sure you use the blotting technique to remove the stain from the carpet. The blotting technique involves taking a dry towel and patting or blotting it away. This simple action will slowly draw the stain out of the carpet instead of spreading it all over.

If there happens to be a lot of liquid spilled, make sure you switch out towels. Using a towel that becomes saturated with the spilled liquid can cause just as much damage as rubbing at the stain. Use multiple dry towels when trying to remove the stain.

Create Your Own Cleaning Solution With Stuff Around Your House

Most carpet stains can be cleaned up using items that you probably already have around your house. Some simple cleaning solutions you can create for common household stains include the following:

  • Kool-Aid or juice stains – ¼ cup white vinegar, 1 tbsp. of dish soap, and water
  • Pet stains – ¼ cup white wine or white vinegar and a quart of water

Spray the solution onto the stain and let it sit for several minutes. After the solution sits for a few minutes, use the blotting technique to try and remove the stain.

Sunset Plaza has beautiful, upgraded carpets in our studios, one-, two- and three-bedroom apartment homes. Make Sunset Plaza your new home and you will be able to enjoy living with upgraded carpet and other excellent amenities. Call our office today to schedule an appointment to tour our West Covina apartments.

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